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Helping libraries and cultural heritage institutions:

  • Digitize and preserve valuable collections, with a particular emphasis on newspaper collections.find out more >>
  • Create innovative discovery and delivery platforms for online access to digitized material.find out more >>
  • Build and engage with an online audience for their digitized collections.find out more >>

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2017-09Featured article — A note about hidden ALTO data errors

In our experience there are a number of types of “hidden errors” that occur with newspaper data batches. These errors can’t be detected by automated QA (Quality Assurance) processes and are often overlooked, as they are not visible on presentation systems like Veridian or Chronicling America. So you effectively end up with “valid” newspaper batches that pass all the automated validation processes, but which contain significant underlying errors. We have written an article that explains further these hidden errors as well as their implications. Read more here…

2017-08Featured project — Digitizing The Daily Kent Stater

A five-year process to digitize every printed issue of The Daily Kent Stater (now The Kent Stater) concluded this summer. Ninety years of issues, spanning 1926-2016, are now searchable at http://dks.library.kent.edu.

Our vision

Our vision is to help libraries create online digital collections that are more than just static sets of content. We work hard to help attract an audience to the collections we help digitize; we create opportunities for that audience to engage with the content, with the library, and with each other; and we work with the library to develop and maintain the collection over time.

In addition we believe strongly in following standards and best practices, even for small projects with small budgets. It’s unfortunate that while large, high-profile digitization projects can typically adopt appropriate standards, the costs involved often mean smaller projects cannot do so. Our goal is to force digitization costs down so it costs no more to digitize content “properly” (i.e. following appropriate standards and best practices) than it does to use low-cost solutions that aren’t standards compliant.