Digitization & Preservation

Our digitization and preservation services aim to achieve two key goals:

  • Long-term preservation of aging and degrading heritage materials like archived newspapers.
  • Much improved access to valuable heritage material, in a world where patrons’ needs and expectations have shifted towards remote, digital access to information.

To support these goals we provide the following:

  • Scanning and associated indexing/QA, from either microfilm or paper, using highly qualified scanning partners specializing in the heritage preservation sector.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and related services to produce industry-standard METS/ALTO digital objects.
  • Migration from older, legacy digital formats like PDF and Olive/PrXML, to standards-compliant METS/ALTO.
  • Integration with long-term digital preservation solutions like MetaArchive.
  • Hosting solutions for online discovery and delivery of digitized newspapers.
  • Archival solutions for long-term preservation of digital objects.