Patron Engagement

What sets Veridian apart from other digitization solutions is our focus on demonstrating the value of your digital collection. The best way to do this is to encourage people to use it and actively engage with it. Patron engagement is the next step in the process of digitizing newspapers and other cultural heritage material. Simply digitizing material and putting it online is no longer enough!

We believe 21st century libraries share this vision – they want their online patrons to take full advantage of the work that goes into digitizing, preserving, and making digital newspaper collections available online. The more patrons interact with the content the more valuable and popular the collection and the library become as community resources.

Engaging with users and building virtual communities is just as important to the users as providing the data itself. They want to be part of a community.

Rose Holley — National Library of Australia

With Veridian we never consider a digitization project to be “finished”. Getting it online is just the first step. After that the collection needs to be nurtured and maintained, it needs to attract visitors and it needs to encourage those visitors to really engage with the content.

We don’t just want a trickle of users passing by consuming content — we want a community of repeat visitors who care about and contribute to the collection.