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Author: Stefan Boddie, Managing Director, DL Consulting Ltd.
Date: 2014-11-13

Throughout this website Veridian and Veridian services are used to describe a wide range of services and workflows to support newspaper digitization projects. Veridian is also the name of our flagship software product, for online search, discovery, and display of digitized newspaper collections.

Unfortunately there is no clear consensus on what to call software products for online management, search, and display of digital heritage collections. Some libraries call them Content Management Systems (CMS), some prefer Digital Collection Management System, Digital Library Software, Digital Asset Management System (DAMS), Digital Archive Software, Institutional Repository Software, Web Portal Software, or a variety of other things. We quite like Discovery and Delivery Platform, but whatever you call it Veridian is software for putting digital collections online in a searchable, organized way.

Try Veridian yourself!

The best place to begin with Veridian is to take a look at the many projects already using it.

California Digital Newspaper Collection

California Digital Newspaper Collection
Large, busy collection utilizing crowd sourcing tools
500,000+ newspaper pages
Cambridge Public Library

Cambridge Public Library
Historic Cambridge newspapers, 1846 – 1923
60,000 newspaper pages & 50,000 index cards

Our collections page lists a lot more newspaper digitization projects that use Veridian, as well as a few non-newspaper projects.

And if you’d like to see how some of your own digitized content looks in Veridian we’re happy to process some samples and set up a demo. Contact us for more details.

For more detailed information about specific features of the software see our Veridian features and specifications page.