Veridian newspaper digital collections


Digital Michigan Newspapers
For nearly 50 years, the Clarke Historical Library has been actively preserving Michigan’s historic newspapers through microfilm. More than 250,000 pages of Michigan newspapers.


Central Michigan University History
Documentation about the history of CMU is found here. More than 118,800 pages of Central Michigan University historical newspapers/documents.

Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection
Large collection utilizing crowd sourcing tools, WordPress integration, “browse by county”, and other unique features. More than 700,000 pages of Colorado newspapers.

The Daily Pennsylvanian Digital Archives

The Daily Pennsylvanian Digital Archives
A growing collection that will eventually include the entire 130-year history of the Daily Pennsylvanian.

California Digital Newspaper Collection

California Digital Newspaper Collection
Large, busy collection utilizing crowd sourcing tools
More than 1.1 million newspaper pages

Montana Historical Society

The Columbian — Montana Historical Society
The Columbian 1891-1925
Approximately 10,000 newspaper pages

University of Illinois

Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections
Collection of more than 50 Illinois newspaper titles
More than 1.1 million newspaper pages

Friend of Man

Friend of Man — Cornell University Library
Friend of Man 1836-1842. Central New York newspaper documenting early anti-slavery and other reform movements.

Hoosier State Chronicles

Hoosier State Chronicles
Several hundred newspaper titles from Indiana State Library
Over 500,000 newspaper pages

Columbia Spectator

Columbia Spectator Archive
College newspaper, 1877 – present
120,000+ newspaper pages

National Library of New Zealand Papers Past

Papers Past
National Library of New Zealand historic newspaper collection
Nearly 4 million newspaper pages

Cornell University

Cornell University Library
The Cornell Daily Sun, 1880 – 1981
115,000+ newspaper pages


Singapore National Library
NewspaperSG – contemporary and historic Singapore and Malaya newspapers.
3.5 million+ newspaper pages

Library of Virginia

Library of Virginia
Over 60 historic Virginia newspaper titles
Nearly 500,000 newspaper pages

National Library of Vietnam - Newspapers

National Library of Vietnam – Newspapers
Vietnamese language newspapers, 1890 – 1955.
30,000+ newspaper pages

UCSF Synapse Archive

University of California, San Francisco
Weekly student newspapers beginning in 1927
12,000+ newspaper pages

National Library of Estonia

National Library of Estonia
Archive of Estonian newspapers
More than 800,000 newspaper pages

Cambridge Public Library

Cambridge Public Library
Historic Cambridge newspapers, 1846 – 1923
More than 70,000 newspaper pages & 50,000 index cards

University of Richmond

University of Richmond
The Collegian Newspaper Archive
25,000+ newspaper pages

Boston College

Boston College
Collection of historic newspapers, including student newspapers and Catholic titles
More than 80,000 newspaper pages

Kent Stater Archive

Kent Stater Archive
Kent State University student newspapers
More than 93,000 newspaper pages

Vassar College

Vassar College
Vassar College student newspapers, 1872-present
55,000+ newspaper pages

Upper Hutt Leader

The Upper Hutt Leader
Community newspaper archive, 1939 – 1964
7,000+ newspaper pages

Papakilo Hawaiian Newspaper Collection

Papakilo Hawaiian Newspaper Collection
Hawaiian Language Newspapers, 1834 – 1980
Nearly 60,000 newspaper pages

Papers of Princeton

Papers of Princeton
Collection of historic periodicals
300,000+ newspaper pages

The Standford Daily

The Stanford Daily
Historic newspapers from 1892 – recent
140,000+ newspaper pages

Veridian non-newspaper digital collections


Central Michigan University Scholarly & Creative Works
The faculty, staff, and students of Central Michigan University regularly create significant contributions to scholarship.


Clarke Digital Collections
The Clarke Historical Library holds a large body of material documenting the history of Michigan as well as a substantial collection of children’s books.

Helen Keller Archives

AFB Helen Keller Archives
The world’s largest collection of material about and by Helen Keller

New Zealand Parliamentary Journals

New Zealand Parliamentary Journals
Journals of the House of Representatives
300,000+ journal pages.

Watson House Hofstra

Watson House Digital Archives
Records of the Irish Mission at Watson House, 1883-1954
Princeton Blue Mountain Project

Princeton Blue Mountain Project
Historic Avant-Guarde Periodicals for Digital Research
55,000+ pages

National Library of Vietnam - PHD Theses

National Library of Vietnam – Doctoral Theses
Doctoral theses of Vietnamese people presented in Vietnam and internationally
220,000+ thesis pages

Preservation News

Preservation News
Journal of the Preservation Press 1961-1995

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